Why Cleanse With Oil?

Why Cleanse With Oil?

Do you want clean skin? Silly question really, we’re almost certain that your answer is yes given that clean skin is the foundation for a healthy, great-looking complexion. Knowing this, it’s surprising to learn that lots of us seem to spend less than 20 seconds washing our face but will happily scroll through Social Media aimlessly and enviously looking at flawless, photoshopped complexions for hours on end. 20 seconds is roughly the same amount of time it takes to plait your ponytail, tweet your favourite celeb, or boost your confidence and mood with an affirmation or inspirational quote. Essentially, we tend to under cleanse and over moisturise.

Our skin secretes a mixture of fat, waxes and sweat. Combine this with environmental pollution in the form of dust, chemicals and dirt, then mix in make-up, waterproof sunscreen and the likes, and you have the makings for some very dirty skin! The whole point of cleansing is to remove dirt, environmental pollution, makeup and surface oils from the skin. One of the problems we find is that if you're using a heavier, oil-based moisturiser, water-resistant make-up and sunscreens it can be difficult for these to be removed with water-based cleansers.

An effective cleansing routine with an oil-based cleanser is perfect for a thorough cleanse and the complete removal of debris. A good cleansing oil completely removes all impurities, even waterproof makeup, by using like-attracts-like technology (the cleansing oils meet the surface oils, do a little dance, and break the sebum (oil) down), all the while keeping your skin perfectly balanced and not-at-all-stripped or dry.

Cleanse with Oil? Are you serious?! – Yes, yes we are! Did you know that too little oil means your skin starts overproducing sebum and you can actually end up with oilier skin, as well as congestion, clogged pores? Cleansing oils are hydrophilic, which means they can be washed off and dissolved easily and there's no build-up or heavy film left behind.

How to Cleanse with Oil? – Now that we’ve given you some insight into why we love the Nourishing Deep Pore Oil Cleanser, you might be wondering if it’s only good for those with ‘normal’ oil flow. Why would you want to use oil on oily skin right? It sounds counterintuitive but cleansing with oil is fantastic for ALL skin types! We even find it’s great for our customers with acne and blemish-prone skin as it helps reduce oil production. Remember, what we’re doing is using a combination of gentle drawing and moisturising oils to wash the delicate skin of the face. If your skin is tight and dry, it will love the added nourishment these carefully selected oils can provide. If your skin is oily, the oil cleanser will help to break down the surface oils and pollutants that can further congest.

To use an oil cleanser, we recommend applying the product to dry hands, and massaging into a dry face; it also feels really nice. Once you feel that your face has been thoroughly covered, you can then add a bit of water. Start by just wetting the hands, and then further massaging the face – giving an emulsifying effect. You’ll notice the cleanser will start to come off the skin in a nice milky colour (please, do this for more than twenty seconds! You will thank us if you do!)

Once the oil has been completely washed off, you can choose to follow up with the Creamy Hydrating Face Cleanser, or the Gentle Foaming Cleanser if you like, which will very gently remove any excess product. Or simply sit back and enjoy the wondrous feeling of hydrated skin. If you're looking for an even deeper cleanse, apply a warm washcloth over the face to warm the old oils and waxes in the pores which helps in rinsing them away. The heat will open the pores and literally steam out the deep junk you want to get rid of. Wash off with cold water and apply a moisturiser as normal.

For some of our super-sensitive customers, who cannot use the ingredients we’ve chosen for the oil cleansing method, we suggest cleansing the face twice with the Milk Wash. The Milk Wash will provide a very gentle cleanse and is ideal for people with sensitive skin as it has the same irritation score as water. It basically couldn't be any gentler.

Finish with your favourite moisturiser, (you can use a toner, but we don't believe it's necessary as the oils tend to have this effect anyway) we LOVE our Night Cream. Once you feel how great your skin feels afterwards, you'll skip the Instagram scroll for this any day o the week.

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