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Mini Cart

Dr Zoo Ambassadors

  • Archer

    This big fluff of ball loves to be brushed everyday so he can get the ladies

  • Bailey

    No one loves mud as much as Bailey so he needs litres of Shampoo

  • Beren

    The beach is his fav place so he never leaves his Shammy behind

  • Charlie & Frankie

    They take conditioning very seriously, it’s not easy to look this pawsome

  • Calvin

    Who said Dry Shampoo is only for humans? He loves a quick freshen up!

  • Mabel & Flynn

    Bath time is their favourite time but only if it involves natural bubbles

  • Rocco

    He’s a pack leader but he loves to unwind with a nice and natural bath

  • Piper

    She’s tiny but fierce! She loves carrying her fav products around for quick touch ups

  • Skyler, Lu Lu & Charlie

    They’re not very fond of baths but the little human is the actual boss