Cool as a Cucumber - Keep Those Canines and Cats Cool!

We all love a hot dog metaphorically, but it’s a ruff time for literal hot dogs over the summer months. While we all enjoy the summer heat, if pets aren’t cared for properly throughout summer, you may find yourself in the dog house. If you’re thinking, ’Wow, pets are so similar to babies’. You’re on the money and they make no apologies for it! Fetch some of our top tips keep your pets as cool as a cucumber this summer!

First things first, all great pet parents need to know the tell-tail signs of a pet feeling under pressure from a scorching summers day. Two common risk factors for a pet's health when it comes to heat is dehydration and heat stroke.

Dehydration - Symptoms include a dry mouth, sunken eyes and a lack of energy. If left untreated, pets can end up at the vets in a life-threatening condition. So be sure to seek professional advice if you notice any suspicious changes.

Heat Stroke – If your pet presents a high temperature, muscle tremors, excessive panting and even thick saliva, they could be under the spell of heat stroke. If you suspect this is so, wrap up your dog in cool towel, fan them and encourage them to have a big drink of water to cool them down. In the meantime, take your fur friend to a qualified veterinarian immediately.

Now you know what to look out for, here’s how to prevent a dreaded trip to the vets and enjoy summer successfully!


Get that hound some H2O!

We like to keep it simple, and in this case, less is more (and vitally essen-tail.) While all great pet parents know to provide easy access to plenty of clean, cool and fresh water, pets get thirsty in the heat! Be sure to check their water bowl more often than usual as they are likely to drink a lot more water than what they do over winter. Besides, they need to quench their thirst too!

Slip Slop Slap

The sun is harsh, the heat is intense and UV rays cause long term damage. But it's not all doom and gloom, some simple steps can keep their skin rosey red instead of red raw. While you’re applying your own sunscreen, be sure to take a tube of the Dr Zoo Zinc Free Sun Cream for your pet. Dab a little on their nose, tummy and any areas lacking their luscious fur. Now, don’t share with your fur friend and give them human sunscreen! Too much Zinc is toxic to pets. That’s why we made our own that’s safe, zinc free and totally lickable. *Chef’s kiss.*

Take it easy!

It’s a lot easier to over train or exercise pets when the mercury’s high. While pets love going for a run (cats excluded) getting their heart rate up when the temperature is high makes them more susceptible to dehydration and even heat stroke. Sure, exercise is important, but be strategic and take them out in the morning or evening to avoid that hot midday sun. You’ll also be doing yourself a fav-fur.