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Bamboo Grooming Brush

Bamboo Grooming Brush

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  • Double sided brush
  • Pin side removes tangles and mats in fur
  • Pins are rounded to prevent any skin damage
  • Bristle side is great for finishing up as it smooths and shines the coat
  • Remove tangles, dirt and moults
  • Stimulates skin and hair follicles
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Dr Zoo Bamboo Brush is the perfect tool to keep your pets’ skin and coat healthy and shiny. Our brush has two sides, bristle and pin. The pin side is for daily use to remove loose and moulting hair. For extra comfort, our pins are rounded to prevent any skin damage. The bristle side will give the final touch of a shiny and polished coat. One of the most important aspects of grooming your pet regularly is the fact that it allows you to identify any skin conditions, irritations or itchiness early on making it easier to keep your pet happy and healthy. Our brush is suitable for all dog breeds and types of coats and is ideal for Cats, Guinea Pigs and Horses.

How often should I brush my dog?

You should brush your pet every couple of days, regardless of long or short hair. Long-haired dog breeds — such as Irish setters, border collies, shelties and Pomeranians — may need to be brushed twice a week. Cats also need brushing sessions. Aim for at least weekly brushing sessions. Take your time to untangle any knots and always brush with the lie of the fur to distribute the natural oils through the hair.